Training Center

Training Centre of “SS-EAST” company (from 1999) – educational resource of our company.

Our centre is a system on training and raising the level of leading staff’s skill, objects guarding employees, professional body-guard of the companies that works in security sphere and for our company needs.

From 2006 we begin planned training courses for employees and subdivisions’ managers and groups of body-guarding. From 2007 we plan organization and conducting our own professional audit of leading staff, employees of objects/body guarding.

Aim – preparation of qualified staff in accordance with international requirements on senior and executive levels; as well elaboration and inculcation of strategic technologies of security industry development (and) our company. One of our goals is to achieve the single standard of professional audit’s preparation and conducting on the whole territory of our country.

For the real estimation of the progress in professional formation of the objects/bodies guard Training Centre establishes, develops and supports professional standards, which are based on the direct experience of the Structures affiliated to the membership of Training Centre, Instructors and magisterial membership.

Thesis of Training Centre (approved by the management of our company on February 13, 2006)

  1. Training centre of “SS-EAST” company (hereinafter Training Centre) – is a structural sub-unit of our company created with the aim of professional staff training and solving the problems of perspective development on the base of modern scientific technologies and methods.
  2. Training centre unifies the Structures of training that are combined from Educational Chairs created on the base of these structures.
  3. The Structures of the Training Centre represent the companies in sphere of security and particularized institutions of our Republic.
  4. The heads of companies and particularized institutions are the Academic Council of the Training Centre that is responsible for creation and control of executing of educational programs and methods.
  5. The members of Academic Council have the right to be in all stages of the education, to insert amendments on educational process improvement and its conducting. In a case of breaches exposure of educational process activity from the party of composing in it structures the Council has the right to demand from the head of the Centre to exert influence right up to deprivation of their status.
  6. Training Centre has the right to create the profile laboratories working out highly tailored points, which are related to the professional activity of the security and body-guard staff. The laboratories have the right to organize the profile courses on the base of Training Centre’s structures with issuing of corresponding diplomas and certificates in the context of the educational programs of Training Centre.
  7. Training Centre issues the single certificate of the fixed sample, protected with its relief seal. Certificate issues on completion of any course with the indication of the date and location of its conducting and content of hour’s duration of educational disciplines. The certificate is being signed by the head of Training Centre after receiving the approval from all the members of Academic Council. Academic Council signs the protocol with the nominal list of graduates of each course. The Certificates of Training Centre will be registered in accordance with fixed order in a special book to create the single base of the listeners of Training Centre.
  8. The questions of the elaboration and improvement of demands of qualification sessions of professional audits are in the direct competence of Training Centre.

Strategy of Training Centre

Strategically purpose of the Centre (from 2006) is aimed to the preparation of professional staff in sphere of security: leading staff, security employees and body-guard. The motto is “Way to professional world” means the division between market point of view in this sphere and professional. “Professional point of view is aligned, first of all, to the correspondence to the fixed ruled, executing strict rules and observance of ethical principles. In practice the market point of view does not accept these standards

The main rule in our methodic – it is prohibited to train untrained person.

The main rule of training is to bring up the listeners to have professional point of view in solving the problems put by. Educational programs, methods and ways of knowledge checking should aspire to the uniformity on the territory of Azerbaijan. These principles are being kept undeviatingly by instructors of our company.

We plan, using experience of Russian NAST Academy (, which we cooperate with since year 2002, carrying out the professional audit in emulative form; to organize participation of our republic representatives’ team in Open Cup of NAST Russia. The audit will allow getting unique data that will underline into elaboration of new themes and courses of Training Centre.

By present time we have prepared the unique system of Training Centre courses that reflects modern demands of headily upcoming professional market. The main subjects of study are: Strategy, Technology, Tactics and Techniques of body / objects guard’s providing. In the study training perfection process we plan to attract the veterans and leading foreign and Azerbaijan specialists of adjoining fields of knowledge. In our teaching material we use progressive method of coursing faculty, we issue to the listeners additional information for the self-depended activity in the free time.

The activity of perfection and replenishment of statistical and academically educational base is carrying out permanently. Is being used the list of profile themes, which forming six main courses of Training Centre.

The flexible system of the forming of individual exercises with employees groups of object / body guard allow the listeners to improve their professional level without interruption from the practical activity and allow the managers to get timely information about staff’s readiness to executing the problems put by.

From 2003 Training Centre staff takes part in traditional annual Conference “Body guard providing”of NAST Russia that is being held in framework of International Forum “Security Technologies” in Moscow showing its fundamental distinction in point of view of educational training’s organization process and other educational structures. Our Training Centre has the possibilities to carry out joint courses with the international colleagues in Russia, Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland) and in Romania.

The five years plan of Training Centre development includes: collection in a single whole the base course of body / object guard training, that can serve as the foundation for the educational and qualification program for body / object guard in a framework of preparing changes in the current legislation.

Educational Methods development and educational training process perfection.

Each listener of Training Centre will be provided with Personal Training Appliance that includes all the necessary materials for individual activity on the training. As the theoretical base’s perfection and actual materials accumulation’s the Personal Training Appliance will be republished, but the Personal Training Appliance will not published for sale on the market. Each listener of Training Centre will be provided with current informational data (including video materials from personal archives of the instructors and teachers of Training Centre that will allow continuing activity in free of training time.

Structures (Chairs) of Training Centre:

The professional activity foundations and situation solutions Chair. Training Centre (Baku)

The goal of chair is to teach security staff the basis of professional activity, actions of security staff in extreme situations. The head of the chair is the Major of reserve of Security Service of Azerbaijan President, general manager deputy of “SS-EAST”, Mr. Vagif Gadirov. He is leading specialist in security sphere. The chair is created on the base of “SS-EAST” company.

The Operational and Technical equipment Chair. Training Centre (Baku)

The goal is to establish and supply of standards while using the technical means and systems needed for object’s security organization and body guard.

The head of the chair is candidate of technical sciences, director of “Security Systems” company Mr. Parviz Nasirov. He is one of the leading specialist is the sphere of technical security of Azerbaijan Republic. He is the author of many projects on providing the leading companies (of different field of activity) with security technical systems maintenance. The chair is created on the base of “Security Systems” company.

Extreme medicine chair. Training Centre (Baku)

The goal of the chair is to set and support the standards of first aid rendering in extreme situations.

The head of the chair is candidate of medical science Mr. Parviz Veliev, assistant of infantile sickness chair under State Medical University, expert in resuscitation, pediatrist, and toxicological expert. As well he is an expert of anti-dope politics in Azerbaijan.

The Service dog-care chair. Training Centre (Baku)

The goal of the chair is to set and support the standards of using the service dogs in organization of body / objects guard. The head of the chair is colonel in reserve of National Defence Ministry of Azerbaijan, instructor of Training centre, director of “Intelprotekt” company, Mr. Anver Bagirov. The chair is created on the base of “Intelprotekt” company. “Intelprotekt” company is an associative member of Azerbaijan Dog Care Unite.

Professional etiquette and ethics chair. Training Centre (Baku)

The head of the chair is ….

The main direction of the chair is elaboration of the rules of security staff behavior in the direct supporting the guarded person with security and rules of security staff behavior on the guarded object.

The chair plans to start the project on professional competence in the sphere of security for school kids (additional courses). The project is necessary for cultivating to school kids the necessary skills in a case of arising threat to their lives in view of crimes and terrorism evolution in the world.

The laboratory of quality control of the Professional activity foundation and situation solution Chair. Training Centre (Baku)

The laboratory carries out the activity on working out and introduction of the special methods of creating the system of quality control in the sphere of security organization of the objects, which will allow perfecting quickly and effectively the capacity for work of all the system in whole. The system of quality control allows realizing the monitoring, analysis and work out the way of further modernization of all the security system in whole.

The laboratory is created on the base of “Quality Veritas” company. The head of the laboratory is the director of the company, Mr. Shahin Imanov. The leading specialist of the laboratory is candidate of physico-mathematical science, Mr. Elsaver Gamidov.

The close fight chair. Training Center (Baku)

Is in plan to be open.

Training courses

Basic Courses

include from 14 to 60 study hours. The aim of the courses is to acquaint with notions of the professional activity, bases of the strategy, technology and technique of safety on the object and personal guarding. The practice and theory, as a rule, are in the ratio of 1/3. Training centre conducts individual training also. In the training process the employees get necessary minimal level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Particularized courses

develop the concrete professional skills, tactical and operational thought of the employees who are in charge in objects/body guarding and have seniority and positive experience of practical activity. The length of the particularized courses includes from 12 to 18 study hours.

Methodical seminars

conduct only for specialists (instructors) who are responsible for personnel training. The aim of the seminars is to give methodical bases of the behavior of educational- training for security employees and body-guarding. Standard time of seminar length is 12 study hours.

Master – Class

conducts together with Structures Managers; on their bases are created the chairs of Training Centre. Master-class is considered for leading staff of objects/body guard subdivisions, which already have positive experience of activity in security sphere. The length of the courses is from 6 up to 18 hours.


with profile schools in abroad. The length is 30 – 36 hours. Visa’s support, transmission. Receipt of statement about the level of professionalism beyond the borders of Azerbaijan, business contacts, tourism. Groups’ accompaniment in the trips.

The details are on the site of the “SS-EAST” company.

Education programs are being created and improved by particularized chairs of the Training Centre. The method of training is direct reduction of generalized theory in terms in combination with practical training of tactic and technique.

Application Form For attending the courses (qualification session) of SS-EAST


Online – version

I confirmed that:

  1. The information given by me is correct.
  2. I realize that I will take over the care of my safety during training (qualification session) carrying out.
  3. I understand that the payment will be paid back in case of frustrated courses (qualification session) only.
  4. I agree with the point that I may receive a refusal in training (qualification session) courses attendance without additional explanation.
  5. I was never suffering from any mental disorder and I do not have any contra-indication against attending the training or to sit for a SS-EAST qualification session I declared.

The content of this application will not be passed to a third part but SS-EAST has the right to check this data through the public services.