In August 2018 we have got ISO 9001:2015 Recertification. The recertification was conducted by First Quality Certification – FQC Company.

June 2017 we have got ISO 18001:2007 Recertification. The recertification was conducted by Azerbaijan Standardization Institute Legal Entity of Public law.

In September 2015 we have got ISO 9001:2008 Recertification. The recertification was conducted by Det Norske Veritas company.

May 2014 we have got ISO 18001:2007 Recertification. The recertification was conducted by by State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and patent of Azerbaijan Republic.

In September 2012 we have got ISO 9001:2008 Recertification. The recertification was conducted by Det Norske Veritas company.

Article from “New Baku Post” magazine Baku, 23 May 2012
Vagif Gadirov

In April 2011 we have got ISO 18001:2007 Certification. The certification was conducted by State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and patent of Azerbaijan Republic.

In the passing of Juniors and Cadets Fencing World Championships in a city of Baku, on April, 2010, Vagif Gadirov was a member of organizing committee of the championship and supervised sphere of the organization of security of the given action.

In December 2009 we have got ISO 9001:2008 Certification. The certification was conducted by Det Norske Veritas company.

The treaty of co-operation was signed between “Laure – Special Automobiles” Company ( and “SS-EAST” Comprehensive Security Services on the 26th of July 2009 in Azerbaijan.
Based upon this treaty “SS-EAST” Comprehensive Security Services has become the general representative of “Laure – Special Automobiles” Company in Azerbaijan.
The aim of this treaty is the organization of effective co- operation between both sides in the sphere of guest and working out of materials\structures and technologies, which can be applied by the Sides for manufacture of own production in the field of life activities safety (means of individual safety, clothes, automobile special transport), their mutual use, and also realization of such production.

The head master of company “SS-East” participated as one of the main members of judiciary board on the 10th Open Cup of Russia National Bodyguard Association in July 2009, which was in Krasnoyarsk city.

The license for security activity of “SS-EAST” Comprehensive
Security Services

Participation and performance with the report in annual 14th Conference Ensuring Personal Security at Current Stage, at XIV International Forum of Security and Safety Technologies in Moscow, February, 2009.

Second International Scientific Conference of security and Countering Terrorism Issues
Lecture: Role of religion in development of safety and counteraction to terrorism
Author: Vagif Gadirov

In September 2006 we have got ISO 9001:2000 Certification. The certification was conducted by Det Norske Veritas company.

Article from “Mir Bezopasnosti” magazine (Security World) Moscow, September 2006
Author: Vagif Gadirov

Vagif Gadirov is Regional Director of WORLD SECURITY ORGANIZATION / WSO / that conducts international operations together with Law Enforcement Bodies of all countries worldwide in fight against organized crime, narco-business and terrorism.
This office requests he be afforded all manner of assistance and cooperation in the furtherance of his duties. The Organization is a world unification of veterans and professionals from the Special Services, law enforcement agencies and army, veterans of war, investigators, bodyguards and lawyers from all countries around the world. WSO protect their personal, social and professional rights and interests, and coordinates their activities all over world.
WSO assist governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide in the fight against organized crime, drug business, terrorism, corruption and fundamentalism, as well as in the accomplishment of stabilization, anti-crisis and training programs.

Principles and methods of security conception development of objects

The most important development principle of the security conception is it to give a complete estimation of comprehensive security situation of an object.

Proceeding from the matter, for object estimation, by necessity, “SS-EAST” company invites necessary quantity of the experts on all security directions. There are many experts of all levels in the company:

1. The main expert and author of the conception, subsequently carrying out the full control of object security.
2. Technical expert on security systems; His presence is necessary for a complete estimation of a level of equipment the object with necessary security means.
3. The expert owns the information on a criminal situation on the given area, which is responsible for organization of communication with the executive power in the given region.
4. The representative of insurance company estimating a degree of risk in the given work.
5. The specialist on organization the first medical aid on a case of extreme situations.

To perform this task our company has the necessary contracts with other companies, which will kindly give us the necessary assistance.

The part of the customer is being asked by us to present the full necessary information of the given object and to give an opportunity to get the necessary technical information on all communications of the object and object’s personnel as well.

Then there is an expert estimation of separate component of the object protection system composes in the conception:

1. Accuracy of formation the protection system.
2. Stableness the object against penetration from the outside.
3. Possibility of outlet or failure the signaling systems control facilities.
4. “Dead zones” Determination by supervision and signaling systems.
5. Accuracy of formation the protection from a fire and other elemental adversity.

The basic purposes of the object security conception are:

1. Elaboration of the common point of view on protection of object between the object management and company is carrying out security.
2. Analysis and estimation the risk degree.
3. Buildings and territories plan with the indication of zone routes, routes of movement of the employees and visitors.
4. Scheme (plan) of object security (location and movement routes of security posts, functions distribution between security posts and means of safety improving).
5. Recommendation on organization control-admission and inside the object order.
6. Recommendation on coordination order with law machinery.
7. Principles of localization of incidents and extreme situations.
8. Basic scheme of the technical equipment of the object (signaling system and admission control, video supervision system, control facilities).
9. Recommendation for creation the prevention system of information outflow from the object.

Taking into consideration that great damage occurs because of fires and elemental adversity it is necessary to organize complete coordination of all services of object with security service of object. In connection with this matter the given personnel from our part possesses experience of work on a case of occurrence of extreme situations and elemental adversity.

It is necessary to coordinate in single whole together with the object management coordination of security service personnel action and system of communication on the object. It is necessary to coordinate principles of object protection especially for reliability estimation parts “man – engineering”(in terms of security). It is necessary to use necessary parameter of frequencies on the object during using communication in view of district and technical equipment. Our company has its own frequency to work in diapason at 450-470 MHz level. It is a modern range, which does not create any interference to other means.

During security service organization it is necessary that its employees have necessary skills for definition quality of security technical systems functioning. They must continue to carry out their duties in the most difficult situations connected with extreme situations, because all cycle of the control begins and comes to the end on security service of the object.

Our company has a necessary reserve of the employees for performance the tasks in difficult conditions. There is a dog care service in the company and there is the expert is engaged in this service. There are good experts on the object engaged in activity with company management. The experts are possessing experience works in sphere of security having the education appropriate for this purpose.

We had to carry out such difficult tasks earlier. Organization of security of “Schlumberger Overseas SA” company objects in field conditions serves as an example. The materially-technical values of the company of cost about 1 (one million dollars) were settled down on open district (size 30×30 km., area 900 square km.), in Salyan region of Azerbaijan, where the works of seismic investigation of petroleum stocks were carried out. Due to the correctly developed conception and work, precisely organized on it by our company it was possible to execute the given task. The carried out investigation let us return the equipment of the “Schlumberger Overseas SA” company in cost about 50.000 US dollars (fifty thousand US dollars), stolen prior to the beginning our work. The most important principle of our company it is first of all high professional level in work and precise performance of norms of work protection and safety precautions for all employees of the company. The infringement of the given principles conducts to dismissal of the employee not depending on occupied position.

Deputy General Manager
Vagif Gadirov